Brand Strategy

I don’t know everything, but I know a couple of things within this area – and I quickly see connections and potential regarding products/services and/or concepts which can be augmented, created or reinforced. I can probably help you with sparring and some external fresh eyes on your need, if you are in one of these phases:

….New start-up with a product but not yet with a value based story and focus

….Established ‘start-up’ with a lot of services/products but it’s a mess and you feel like getting an overview of what kind of value you should focus on – let’s just say it as it is: you have lost the ‘why’ and where you wanna go with it — to whom you wanna reach

….Established ‘start-up’ with a lot of projects, but you need a better overview of the activities and how they can create synergy, because you really wanna grow something even bigger! Psssst…. you need to outsource responsibility to grow big – so this overview is essential

My main interests within Brand Strategy is brand collaboration, re-branding, luxury brands, positioning, value proposition and brand adaptions to new consumers/countries.

If you want to know more, please call or write on:

Phone: +45 28262986


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