About me

My name is Lykke, a danish name and word for happiness.

I have a Master of Arts in Psychology of Language with a BA in Italian, including 2 x 5 months in Italy and elective courses in Brand Management and Int. Business Strategy.

Alongside most of my study time I have been a competitive senior lightweight rower on high level for about 6 years until 2017 (doing rowing since 2007 and still do a bit). I have 3 years of experience working within B2B import/export projects in big and small scale.

I have always loved to be ‘creative’ and been reflective since I was a child, and from the age of 16 to 22 years I worked, took classes and gained experience (while alongside that often working in the retail sector to make a living) -in different creative areas such as:

Attending a Product School where I painted full time a half year (16 years old (while working at Magasin du Nord part time) – before 6 months boarding school in Ribe and then high school at Christianshavn)

Attended Krabbesholm a half year, which is one of the three private design boarding schools in Denmark, here I studied product design. (20 years old – after high school & a working period)

Returing to CPH and worked 1 year as a babysitter full time for two artistic families – being surrounded by the daily input – which has influenced me somehow in a subtle way I think 🙂

Being an Assistant and Muse for Lasse Ernlund Lorentzen at the Royal School of Art in Denmark for 2 years (while working)

Being a piccoline at the digital design bureau: Konstellation. Being an office assistant at Bertelsen and Scheving architects.

And other small courses in CPH and lectures at the Royal School of Architecture in DK.

On my site you find some of my work from the past, but mostly my new work and projects will be shown.

Please feel free to contact me if the content on this site inspires you and you are interested in a sort of collaboration, or if you are interested in some of my work. You are welcome to write me in danish, english or in italian.

Phone: + 45 28 26 29 86

Mail: lykkelgj@gmail.com