‘Nucleus Abide’


‘A Quiet Dream’ 2018-2021

Installation, paintings & drawings

Exhibition in Hellerup, Denmark the 8th October – more info

‘COALESCE’ 2017-2021

Paintings, drawings, photography, poetry.

The whole art series was exhibited at The Weekly Newspaper Møn in April and at Møn Library the 3th May – 27th July

Brand Strategy for an agency – 2020

For an agency I followed one month in an internship. Beside attending meetings and contacting relevant customers, I decided to make a strategy for the agency. This is just a start to be followed up.

If interested in seeing my work, please write me a mail.

Brand Strategy for an entrepreneurship in the food business – 2020

Beside the strategy I too did B2B sales and observed meetings, sales and intern factors.

This work is only a starting point, but I prioritized to do this due to observations of no deeper reflections about, what was their unique value and why the end consumer wanted to choose them instead of competitors – with future threats regarding competitors. Added to that there was no shared / written strategy intern, but too much in one person’s head.

With a written/visual shared strategy, my intention was to make it easier to distribute responsibility & autonomy with less (small) questions and a low risk of external mis-communication due to: 1. A common understanding of the brand value 2. The strategy of positioning the brand & knowing the target customers 3. The brand goal – how the brand wanted to be positioned in the consumers mind.

Beside, the intention of selling the product to other countries called for a general Brand Strategy, which I could adapt to the new country – to keep a sort of red thread. What I did – roughly speaking:

  1. An overview of the activities in the business
  2. A general Brand Strategy for the Danish market
  3. An adaption to the North Italian market

If interested in seeing my work, please write me a mail.

‘To humans, from Florence’ – 2020

Translation to danish.

Freelance (voluntary) translation for producer of the film: Matteo Gazzarri – Studio Riprese Firenze.

Project with my mother 2017

‘Re-designing a rowing suit’

Re-designing a rowing suit.

This voluntary project was about re-designing the rowingsuit for my former rowingclub, KR – in collaboration with Fredrik Leicht. The aim was to keep the price low, make a unisex model and create an elegant look. The fabrics are from Italy – and the producer is Chopar – which asked for the right to use my design in other rowingsuits made by them – I said yes;)

‘Sketch for the Magazine ‘Pist Protta 116 – Space Poetry’

Fast Sketching.

The sketch was done for Artist Lasse Ernlund Lorentzen, when I was his assistant. The work with Lasse was either very slow or very fast, and this sketch was part of the fast pace-process, doing many sketces on time, this done in 2 minutes and used for his article in ‘Pist Protta 116 – Space Poetry’.

‘Flowers & Eyes’ – 2007/2008

In this art-serie I compared flowers and eyes regarding form and need for water and light. Here is a part of the photographies and a part of the work proces.

It was exhibited at my mothers former gallery at Frederiksberg.